OctaFX Creator Strategy: Reaching 130M consumers


OctaFX is a global finance trading platform and brand & had not yet penetrated the South African market due to low brand exposure and being positioned as a “scam”. Our challenge was to create maximum brand awareness in South Africa and change people’s perceptions about the platform and Forex as a whole, ultimately educating audiences about the brand and platform.

What We Did

GOOD VIBES created an influencer marketing strategy that onboarded 80 of the biggest influencers in the country over 10 months to educate their audiences through creating viral content & specific messaging of credibility for the brand on their digital platforms. This aligned OctaFX as a reliable platform where people could learn Forex trading and ultimately earn profits.


GOOD VIBES successfully aligned OctaFX as a credible Forex platform in South Africa and increased maximum brand exposure and awareness alongside increased sign-ups and users for the platform as a whole.


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