CEO Jordan featured on Jacaranda FM

Power of Social Media

I was invited to Jacaranda FM to chat with Danny about the power of social media when it comes to your personal branding.

Tips for running your Social Media as a founder:

ConsistencyShow up regularlyImagine if your friends never knew when they could expect you. Online is the same principle. You owe it to your community to show up regularly.
CreativityShow up differentlyMake a point of working on your creative strategy, look at other accounts for inspiration and change it up – its so easy to get bored online
ClarityShow up with a pointForget fague – take your community on a journey & deposit value when you extract attention!
ConvictionShow up with authorityShare highs AND lows. Your community will respect you if and when you are honest.
CollaborationShow up with othersThis is the BEST way to get reach at scale – introducing your brand to the a new audience whilst adding value.

Read the full article here: OR watch the full interview below:


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